Good Vibe Bundle

Good Vibe Bundle


Rosalie Field's own handmade Good Vibe Bundle.  Each bundle includes a sage bundle, palo santo stick, and a healing crystal.  


How to use:

Sage- Burn in dish to improve mood, release negativity from the space around you, purify the air, relieve stress.  Sourced from California.


Palo Santo- This "holy wood" has a lemony-pine scent.  Burn to calm mood, support immune and nervous system, and purify and clean air in your space.   Sourced from Peru.


Crystals- Sourced from local collector in Chadds Ford, PA.   Allow smoke from sage or palo santo to charge your crystal for maximum effect.  Keep crystals on your home's hearth, in your workspace, on a window sill (try not direct sunlight), and many more uses.  Bring restoration, peace, serenity, and good vibes into your home, space, heart and soul by surrounding yourself with crystal magic!