A story of freshness

Image by Evie S.

our vision

Here at Rosalie Fields, we have a vision of spreading knowledge to women of all demographics regarding the healing and beneficial properties of CBD (and soon, more natural and organic beauty products), in turn supporting them on a journey to free themselves from what holds them back from living their lives to the fullest. We eager to connect with women and support their growth to achieve joy and balance in their lives. 

We are motivated and excited to work with other women that want to achieve a deeper connection with themselves and the natural life around them.

When you begin your journey with us, you can expect our undivided attention and sensitivity with your personal stories (your goals, stresses, pains, and dreams!) Whether you are new to our products or a long time consumer, we welcome you to share your journey with us as we build a community to support each other!  

About Us

Mary Dunbar-

Wife, mother, entrepreneur!

She brings vision, determination, and business operations experience.  She is a CBD advocate, and currently studying to be a nutrition coach.

Carolyn Peterson-

Wife, mother, entrepreneur!

She brings creativity, dedication, retail and skin care experience.