It's your time to shine

Discover your inner beauty with our hand selected beauty, CBD, and adaptogen products


We are more than just your resource for natural and organic beauty and wellness products...we are educators, believers, and motivators.  

When you begin using our products, you are also joining a community of like-minded women.  While we all have our different stories and experiences, at Rosalie Fields we believe all women share a common goal of wanting to better themselves, we want to get through the day without huge stresses or physical pains, we want to feel beautiful from the inside out, and we want to experience joy and happiness for ourselves and those around us.   

Whether you would like to start a personal CBD regimen, would like to incorporate CBD into the services you provide to your own clients, or want to switch to using natural and organic skin and beauty products, we are here to support you on your journey by working with you every step of the way to find what product works best for you.​  

Through individualized coaching and the power of positivity, we want to help you bring out your inner-beauty to shine like you have never shined before.